Our Designers


Dianne has been with The Flowerbox team for several years…lucky us!

Her extensive experience makes her an amazing asset and her wedding flowers are second to none. Dianne’s designs are intuitive, thoughtful and creative.

Her attention to detail shines in her work; we know it’s her personality and love of flowers coming through. What a gift!


Dudda has been with us for over two years now.

A customer recently commented that Dudda ‘just belonged at The Flowerbox’. We agree!

Dudda has terrific skill, confidence, speed and good sense when it comes to her floral design. Her years of experience, her degree in horticulture and her incredible spirit all make her a gifted florist to watch and so much fun to work with. Viva Dudda!


Melanie is our newest addition to the team, but you’d never guess that this is her first foray into floral design. A true artist, she is also a gifted painter, blessed with an extraordinary eye and an innate understanding of colour and form. Melanie’s sense of beauty and her passion for the work are present always in her carefully arranged and thoughtful bouquets. We can’t wait to see where she takes her talents, and we are so lucky to have her here!


Jack joined our team and the world at large in May of 2010. Jack loves his work at The Flowerbox. He has become an integral part of our merchandising efforts, team building exercises, and overall store maintenance programs. Often you will see Jack scattering rose petals down the sidewalk to attract passers-by, rearranging risers and buckets, and generally keeping us all on our toes. He looks forward to having the sharp tools within reach, and we look forward to his help with cleaning the roses.


As the happy owner of The Flowerbox, Sacha continually efforts to create a space that is as enjoyable to the people visiting as it is for the people who work here.

Sacha’s experience extends beyond just flowers. Her work experience includes event planning, teaching, hotel management and floral design for film and television, making her visually fluent and able to see ‘the big picture’.

Sacha is a wedding flower specialist. Her hands-on and helpful approach makes the Flowerbox a favourite vendor for couples wanting a truly unique and personal experience.

Welcome to The Flowerbox from all of us!!!

Sacha Thompson