The upside to all the rain…?

Sigh…what is going on, right?

Our recent blast of warm weather has been suddenly drenched with a humid thunderclap of water from above. Blah. From where we are standing it’s a bit of a double edged sword. It’s tough to build displays outside that can handle the elements. Awnings are just not enough in sideways rain. Our hundred+ ¬†year old brick building breathes and seems to expand and swell with the persistent damp. Water gets tracked in on the tiles creating a slimy and slippery terracotta walking experience. Break out the achtung sign….

It’s dark. Noon feels like 6. Everyone needs a pick me up, but resent that they have to be out in the muck to get it; yellow moves quick. Orange too. We have to drink extra caffeinated beverages to get the orders done. We play happy music. We try not to talk about how gross it is out there. It’s fresh, it’s good for the garden, kind of…

The upside: Not everyone is at the beach, so sales are ok. In the long gaps between customers, ie: when the rain is heaviest and all are seeking temporary cover, I am able to throw myself into the beautifying of the shop itself. Corners are dug out, water is refreshed, color sections are moved around, re-merchandised. My restless energies that are solely devoted to wanting those succulents to be grouped magically with the mossy planters and snowy callas and poppy pods are appeased. I clean my office. I create lists and attend to clerical stuff that I find unbearable. All excuses are removed in the steady Chinese water torture that is Vancouver’s current offering, forcing us to do some things that need doing.

So I am doing a sundance for the brides on the inside. We sent a wedding out yesterday with some extra love…..let’s hope it was beautiful and romantic and very very westcoast. Today is father’s day, not a big day for flowers. It’s also the street festival, car free days here. Having seen it all a few times before I’m taking this opp to blast out of town on a float plane with my little family this afternoon – destination: Saltspring Island, gorgeous come rain or come shine. Happy father’s Day Dad, let’s get the rock out of here….

Maybe we can bring back some milder weather, and summer can get started for real. And hopefully this all means a brief but hot and amazing summer, followed by a warm, romantic autumn with swirling winds and lingering leaves and all the goodness that comes from waiting patiently for good things to come.