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And Another Thing…

It has been some time since I blogged…and even though I’m new to it i feel odd internet cyber guilt like someone’s keeping score… There just aren’t enough hours in the day, as they say, to do all the things that matter, that are a priority. I have been thinking a lot lately about priorities, […]

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Gorgeous Midsummer Night’s Dream Theme…

Bolstered by the Martha incident (see previous post) and just by how so totally adorable this couple is, we fell madly in love with flowers all over again today creating this soft and beautiful wedding, to be held tomorrow at Hycroft. What a fun day, what with the cherry trees in full bloom and all…and […]

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Martha Called…

So… working away the other day and the phone rings….US number….. It’s someone from Martha Stewart’s Wedding Team looking to send flowers to a local business associate….they were just on our site and thought our arrangements were lovely etc….. for reals. So after I hung up, forgetting to ask for the payment info, I made […]

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